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Welcome To Robert Inoma & Co. (One of Nigeria's Leading Legal Practitioners and Solicitors)

Corporate Law


This section of our practice supports businesses to achieve compliance with corporate governance rules and sector specific compliance requirements, manage secure credit and loan recovery transactions for clients.

Property Law


We advice and support clients in property acquisition across the country, and are familiar with variations in registry practices in different state jurisdictions in Nigeria.



We have experience handling several commercial litigations bordering on share transfer, various forms of contracts, mergers and related share valuation issues.

Patent Attorneys


Whether your needs involve patents or not, each of our attorneys is a registered patent attorney with experience to provide a proper IP strategy for your situation and to carry out the chosen strategy.



Are you interested in obtaining a patent over your invention or avoiding another's patent? Do you need help defending against or bringing claims of patent infringement? These are all areas where Robert Inoma & Co. can help.



Are you developing a brand for your company, or a product, or service? Do you need advise regarding the selection of a strong business, product, or services name? Is someone infringing your trademark or is someone claiming you infringe their trademark? We provide services for each of these situations.

Tax Consultancy


We have highly experienced tax Lawyers and Consultants who have a track record in assisting our clients in tax audit and advice. Most of our Lawyers are members Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN).



We assist our clients to process and obtain expatriate quotas, work permit, residence permit, temporary work permit and VISA ON ARRIVAL.

Welcome to us

Robert Inoma & Co. is a fully serviced law firm established in 1990 and have over the last two decades earned a reputation of consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients, since the philosophy that inspires our business strategy is to provide efficient and cost effective legal services engineered to suit the individual needs of each client within the permissible limits of the law and anchored on the basis of honesty, diligence and integrity.


Trade Mark Watch

Visit our trademark watch to subscribe for free trademark monitoring. We monitor the recent and old trademark applications in the Nigerian trademark Journals for similar trademark registration.

We offer this service for free. Subsribe now

Email us at info@robertinoma.com or robertinoma2007@yahoo.com




To be a world class legal and consulting firm.